Therapist;    Tom Tynan  (GIBiol. MSc. DHP  MICHP (acc) MRET)









I have constantly sought to improve my knowledge and skills with the intention of developing innovative and empowering approaches for clients.  I studied clinical hypnotherapy, and I am an accrediated  member of  The Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy Association and I regularly attend master classes run by experts in the field.  I am a supervisor and training analyst for other CHPA therapists.  In addition I attend regular supervision sessions for myself.  

I have further advanced my skills by studying Rapid Eye Technology with Ranae Johnson founder of the Rapid Eye Institute, Salem, Oregon, and have qualified as a Master Rapid Eye Therapist.    I have been so amazed on a daily basis by the power of RET that it has become one of my primary core techniques.

As a result of blending core techniques with many other techniques I arrived at a recipe for promoting effective and lasting change.  This is a core recipe and various elements are drawn upon depending on client needs.

In addition to my therapy clinic I regularly run courses on topics such as meditation, channelling, chakra healing, higher consciousness, manifesting your desires, and spiritual law.




After many years in product development and management in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry I have followed my desire to develop a clinic with the primary objective of empowering people to overcome limitations in life. 


With over ten years experience  I have assisted hundreds of people in changing their limiting belief systems.