Multidimensional Healing


Through Multidimensional healing your psychic doorways are opened.   The overall aim of multidimensional healing is self-mastery, where the person is empowered to choose his/her experiences on all levels.  Through multidimensional healing higher self-qualities including unconditional love, creativity, wisdom, clarity, are brought forth, and you develop the tools to be your own life coach.


 The principle tools used in multidimensional healing are


a)       Inner dialogue with ones Higher power, (Higher Self, Spirit guides, Inner Coaching)


b)       Chakra clearing and alignment 


c)       Clearing psychic ties, and Lineage Healing    


d)       Astral healing



Our bodies are "imprinted" with millions of energetic patterns. These patterns are thoughts, feelings and emotions locked into other times and memories. How do we unlock these patterns spread over eons of time, which include past lives, past dimensions and past experiences?


Integrative Therapy offers a very complete multidimensional cutting and releasing of ancestral energetic imprints and patterns, karmic ties and contracts.  As we release unprocessed­ emotions, we not only heal our lives but we are also healing the pain of past and future generations­.


Distorted emotional­ programming is released from the cellular level, within the mind and the physical body and also at a psychic level. I feel it is one of the most comprehensive programs available anywhere in the world today. I look forward to many people contacting us about it.



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