The applications of RET are far from limited to psychotherapy applications.  Anyone who desires release from limiting­ negative thought patterns or habits and/or wants to achieve peak performance­ in any area of their life will find RET invaluable.  




Rapid Eye Therapy (RET)

Many new forms of energy medicine are beginning to make their way into the mainstream.   Rapid Eye Technology (RET) and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) are among them.   Having trained and practiced many of these techniques, Rapid Eye Therapy as developed over 25 years ago, by Ranae Johnson  has proven time and time again to be the most comprehensive and advanced of the techniques in current use.  


  • RET is a method for releasing negative beliefs and emotional stress, on all levels of ones being empowering individuals to live a happy, productive life  
  • RET simulates REM sleep, your body’s own natural release system.  
  • Powerful quick release happens without necessarly reliving trauma.
  • Accessing the whole mind/body system while in an awake state allows you to be in control of your own journey.
  • Where once it was accepted that psychotherapy often took years, RET is astonishingly rapid. Clients of Integrative Therapy Irl., utilising RET have found that problems that were resistant to years of psychotherapy­ were being resolved in a very short amount of time, sometimes­, within a few sessions.
  • RET  by releasing negative belief systems, negative thought forms, and emotions—all of which contribute to emotional stress.  Typically, RET sessions are conducted in 1 to 1.5 hour blocks.


Neurologically RET replicates the deep processing, ordering and discharging that we do naturally each night during the REM (rapid eye movement) stage of dreaming.   By using blinking, breathing, eye movement, and sound waves techniques REM sleep is simulated (Rapid Eye Movement) in a wide awake state.  This cause the left and right hemispheres of the brain to communicate and “wide awake dreaming," which characterises' rapid eye therapy, takes place.  

 This type of dreaming is our body's natural­ discharge mechanism.   During REM sleep we process, clear and integrate our day’s experiences; the eyes move rapidly under the eyelids and the eyelids blink or twitch.   Too often REM sleep is unable to deal with all the information we need to process and a large portion of the night sleep is spent trying to process a bombardment of past, present and future fears.    Although you may have slept all night you wake exhausted having done a hard nights work.


RET, physiologically and psychologically, opens up the neuropathways where the energetic memories of our personal and inherited traumatic experiences are trapped. For instance, being trapped in the birth canal, trapped in a car accident, or trapped in a relationship, are all on the same neuropathway.


We believe neurons in the brain stem switch on the same way they do in REM sleep, causing communication at the cellular level throughout the body. Energy confined at the cellular level by emotional or physical trauma is thus accessed allowing energy discharge through a fast eye blinking process. Clients release issues and emotions at a comfortable rate without reliving incidents.


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Although you may have slept all night you wake exhausted having done a hard nights work.


Rapid Eye Technology is a tool that facilitates the lifting and clearing of old programming that keeps you blocked from this awareness, and helps you create new patterns supportive of the NEW YOU you wish to create


We each have an unconscious belief system stored within our psyches, composed of emotions and past programming­ that cause distorted perception, irrational behaviour and illness. These belief systems become the filters through which we see life.  These unprocessed emotions and belief­ systems are both a collection of our life experiences and the life experiences­ of our ancestors and possible past life experiences that become­ cellular memory.. Unprocessed­ emotions are repressed or stored away from our conscious awareness.   A  particular pattern will continue to run in a family until the pattern is broken or resolved.   Unfinished­ business from our family lineage can affect our lives and show up as psychic ties.  As we release unprocessed­ emotions, we not only heal our lives but we are also healing the pain of past and future generations­.

The RET process provides a way for processing trapped, distorted emotional­ programming so that it can be released from the cellular level within the mind and the physical body and also at a psychic level.   The process­ facilitates connection to the part of us that is our higher mind, higher consciousness, god self, or whatever­ terms you wish to use.  From this level of the mind we know and believe in our own power.  Once you have cleared the energy of your past, you will be in a powerful position­ to create a new life reality for yourself.


Rapid Eye Therapy (RET) is one of the most innovative and effective mind change tools available today.