The Process

Integrative Therapy as practised at Integrative Therapy Irl., represents a radical shift in the way psychological distress and empowerment is treated.  Talk therapy has been the traditional and accepted path to emotional healing.   Because of the relative low rate of success and the long treatment time of traditional methods a new approach was needed.  This new protocol was developed at Integrative Therapy Irl, based on three core techniques;


a)      Rapid Eye Therapy


b)      Ethical Hypnotherapy


c)       Multidimensional Healing


 In addition, many other supporting techniques are used including;

         Parts Therapy

         Regression Therapy including past life

         Cognitive behavioural work

         Spiritual healing and emergence       

         Meditation and creative visualization

         Integration and grounding in reality


These therapies are combined in a novel structured approach to healing called Integrative Therapy.  Through Integrative Therapy areas of conflict within the mind are brought to a fully integrated and harmonious state.    This is not a process that is done to the client rather it is a combination of tools that assist the client in accessing his/her own power.




Your First Step

Your first step is to make an appointment by phone or e-mail.  I will then sent you a confidential intake form.  This will help you in setting your therapy goals and will provide some insight into your particular challenge, and saves time in the first session.  When you bring this form to your first session I will be able to give you more details on how we can work together.



Types of Consultations


Each person’s challenge and journey is unique; therefore the number of consultations varies.   If your problem involves pain and/or if you are under medical care you may be asked for permission to contact your doctor. Two distinctive types of consultations are offered using the Integrative Therapy process, namely Target Therapy and Analytical Therapy.   


Target Therapy is applicable in areas where finding the root cause is not crucial to healing, e.g. smoking, nail-biting, exam stress, and sports performance.   Integrative Target Therapy usually takes 1-3 sessions.


Analytical Therapy deals with the whole person, seeking for cause and effect leading to insight and liberation from sources of dis-empowerment. The therapy releases people from the bonds of past emotional and physical abuse and/or internal conflict. Once integrated on all levels the person takes control of their internal responses to outside influences from the past, present and future. One may then move towards a sense of wholeness and health on all levels.

Integrative Analytical Therapy takes on average 5-10 sessions of approx. 80 minutes each.


Integrative Therapy is a totally private an individual therapy.  It requires commitment of time and financial resources; however the rewards and self-improvement tools will pay for themselves many times over.  




Long Term Results


The success rates achieved using conventional psychotherapy are low, and the finance and time involved are unrealistic to most people.  With Integrative Therapy results are often measurable from the first visit.  For many, problems, a complete cure is achieved in three or less sessions.  Other problems where there is anxiety involved can be eliminated in less than ten sessions, depending on the nature of the problem.  




Since this therapy involves erasing and reframing dysfunctional limited core beliefs and also identifying and integrating all parts of the self, the relapse rate (back to the original disorder) is very low.  This contrasts markedly with the relatively high relapse rate of other less integrative approaches.  Not only does the treatment deal with problems in the present but also it facilitates release of all past connections to the cause in a gentle and easy fashion.  In addition, all clients receive tools that can be used for the rest of their life whenever empowerment is needed.



The multidimensional aspect of the process opens you in a controlled safe way to an ever-expanding spiritual connection, and to unparalleled psychic ability.  Once open to this connection there is no looking back.  Wherever you are on your spiritual path there is always further awareness, magic and empowerment that can be gained.Dublin Hypnotherapy


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Hypnotherapy, Hypnosis, Rapid Eye Therapy, Training ,Supervision, NLP, Multidimensional, Healing, Past lives, Spiritual Issues, Counselling, Mentor, Training Courses, Stop smoking  and much more