You Can Stop Smoking,

without Patches, Gum or Substitutes,


No weight gain - No replacement habits


– Easily and Naturally!











What Makes our Stop Smoking

Programme Unique?


Hypnotherapy has the reputation of being the best therapeutic

help for smoking cessation available, with an excellent

success rate.  Combining hypnotherapy with

Rapid Eye Therapy and NLP (Neuro linguistic Programming)

has resulted in one of, if not the most effective

approach available today.  The combination

addresses the physiologically as well as

psychologically aspects to the habit

so that, new behaviors are

developed and become permanent.


Cravings, urges, addictions, bad breath,

ageing skin can be distant memories


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"How many sessions will you need"?


Provided that you're smoking habit is not evidently part of the symptomology of some deeper and more  complex problem, and can be safely defined primarily as habitual, then the problem can be resolved in just one session. If it doesn't work the first time, then it is not going to work. There are other factors at work here, and they need to be resolved before smoking as a coping mechanism can be dispensed with.





When all around is chaos and unpredictable, we humans seek constancy and predictability,

and it can be seen that, whatever else is happening and changing outside our control and influence, "a cigarette stays the same".

A cigarette is constant, it is predictable, it does provide, at some level, a sense of constancy, and in this way can become a very potent influence.

Therein lies the power of the habit.




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