Some Case Histories-





Married Woman -  Aged 48

Consulting for;               Panic attacks, anxiety, and depression

History;                          Unable to sustain long term relationship, no purpose, and in the past had been dependent on antidepressants and sleeping tablets


Notes;                            Analysis (10 sessions) brought awareness and freedom of core cause and the inner tension was released.   Now in control of her life for the first time.



Married man - Aged 46

Consulting for;              Fear of Flying

History;                         New job, with weekly flights to UK, experiences severe headache, sweating and nausea on journey.  


Notes;                            One analysis session and three sessions of suggestion therapy. Original cause of problem found, which released the anxiety and fear. Now, no problems flying.





Married Woman - Aged 31

Consulting for;             Sexual problem causing marital difficulties.

History;                        Lack of interest in sexual relationship


Notes;                          Six sessions of analysis. Problem traced to original cause. Release of repressed fears and memories. Now enjoying normal sexual relationship.  



Male - Aged 11

Consulting for:            Bed wetting

Notes;                         Four sessions, original cause found and now has dry bed.





Single Man - Aged 22

Consulting for;            Claustrophobia

History;                       Fear of enclosed spaces since age 7.

Notes;                         Fear completely eliminated once original cause was revealed.





Single Female  - Aged 25

Consulting for;            Fear of death

History;                       Many fears associated with death, entity possession, darkness.

Notes;                         Six sessions of analysis uncovered causes, cleared her energy field, reconnected to higher power and now feels in control and empowered.



What Others Say




Thank you for the gift of your energy and those who experience it are fortunate indeed.  It has been a truly life changing experience for me ………. miracles do happen

 Mary H,  Cork city.



…………..I never would have believed how much the past held me back both mentally and physically, now I get the most out of every moment, life for the first time is brilliant and I feel in control – life is real!

John S. Dublin



…………Since our last session I feel I have developed a real sense of purpose in life and I know I have a right to be here.  The depression has lifted, and my business is booming again, and I attract positive people to me all the time.  Despite all my scepticism I am a convert to the theory that our thoughts create our reality.

I recommend Integrative Therapy to everyone.

Francis K




Thank you for helping us deal with the loss of Karen I don’t think I could have coped otherwise.  Spirituality has a new meaning for us now, and been at oneness with Karen is brilliant.  Letting go is so much easier.  I hope you will be able to assist many others in their times of need.

 Anne M.  Dublin





It’s only six weeks since our last session and I have made brilliant progress in bringing that balance back into my life.  I now know that all my business and financial success would never complete the picture, so the Integration process really works.  Looks like life is to be enjoyed

 Edward S.   Dublin