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Have you ever watched a child leap from bed, excited to start the day? Isn't it time you felt that?







When you align your life with your purpose you wake up motivated. You experience real happiness and you know that everything you do is making the greatest contribution, and making it easier for others to feel the permission to live fully and completely.














If you're stuck in a rut (financially, professionally or in your relationships), constantly going through life with a feeling of being unfulfilled, or just disillusioned with all the temporary fixes you've tried there's good news for you:


 When it comes to self-improvement, personal-growth, mind development,  Integrative Therapy Ireland utilises the most advanced change and empowering techniques available so that you can create anything you desire.


 If you desire is to improve health, attract love, make the perfect job or business appear; lose weight , overcome emotional trauma and low self-esteem, eliminate stress, free yourself from addictions & obsessions, achieve financial freedom and abundance, etc. then Integrative Therapy is for you.


"Integrative" is defined as “bringing together

in a unified whole."


Integrative Therapy Ireland offers unique and innovative forms of natural healing technologies that support people in quickly releasing the wounds of the past and limitations in life, thereby facilitating moving forward in life with a sense of well-being and empowerment.


Integrative Therapy is not one specific kind of therapy, but draws from many different models of therapy in order to use a strategy that best fits the client's specific issues.  Models include Hypnotherapy, Hypnosis, Rapid Eye Therapy, Counselling,NLP  and Spiritual healing. Further information is available by clicking on the side bar links.  Integrative Therapy impacts many levels of conscious from the physical to the emotional, and the infinite number of mental and spiritual levels.


Integrative Therapy Irl., views its clients as an integrated whole being, working in conjunction with other health care professionals to provide a holistic approach to medical management.

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Tom Tynan MSc. DHP, MICHP, MRET.

Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist, Rapid Eye Therapist

Certified CHPA Supervisor and Training Analyst

Tel. 01 8530861


When Experience Matters

Hypnotherapy, Hypnosis, Rapid Eye Therapy, Training ,Supervision, NLP, Multidimensional, Healing, Past lives, Spiritual Issues, Counselling, Mentor, Training Courses, Stop smoking  and much more

Looking for a way to

revolutionize your life

Spiritually, Mentally,
Physically, Emotionally,

& Financially?


Are you prepared to live differently?

Are you ready to deepen both your awareness and expression of your unique purpose?

Are you ready to let go that which limits you?  - Fear!!







Fear, Anxiety, Phobias

Worry, Depression,

Self Worth

Habits, Obsessions Addictions

Lack of purpose and Motivation







Grief and Loss

Weight and Eating Issues

Exam and Performance fears

Lack and Poverty Consciousness

Relationship and Family problems

Spiritual Issues


Stop Smoking






One Session

Stop Smoking Forever

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Experience Matters

Tom just gets to the core of issues in a gentle and caring manner.  Issues that remained unresolved in my past therapy work for years were sorted so quickly.

Aine S (Dublin)

Hypnotherapy, Hypnosis, Rapid Eye Therapy, Training ,Supervision, NLP, Multidimensional, Healing, Past lives, Spiritual Issues, Counselling, Mentor, Training Courses, Stop smoking  and much more....